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Updated: 11-15-2017

Check back later in the week.  We are just about there.

If you are interested.  NOW is the time to buy the Season passes. They are limited. Send us an email we will send you the forms. (wardy@ mtco.com)

Megatraxs is proud of the fact that we can offer winter riding at an affordable price specially for kids.

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 "Dirt" is no longer the excuse. We have plenty.  We will start updating this page regularly along with Face book updates as well.  Things are looking very good and we are excited to kick of this winter season!

Oh and we will "work" on the logo some more we know the bike is dated LOL.  Anyone good with that kind of thing hmu.

Phone number for Megatraxs AND Megacross

815.414.8099 this is in the office.

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Results for the Megatraxs Heavy Metal Trials here!
Photos from 893 Photos from this event click here!

Location: 605 12th Street Mendota IL 61342 NOT a Mailing address!!

email wardy @mtco.com  (take out yellow space)

815.414.8099 office number